shirley oaks

 childrens’ home

Wickham road, Shirley, croydon



The commemorative plaque on the wall to the left of the main entrance to Shirley Oaks


To the Shirley Oaks web site. The site was created at the request of a group of former staff and residents of Shirley Oaks. There are many other excellent sites devoted to children who were in care. We have provided a list of them inside and you can access that list at Other Care Sites or by clicking the link in the table on the left. This site is dedicated exclusively to Shirley Oaks.


Few would prefer a life in care rather than with their parents, but for some circumstances dictated that this is exactly what we would do at some point in our lives. Our experiences varied tremendously from integrating into another form of family life all the way through to abuse. Shirley Oaks closed in 1983, nearly 25 years ago, so all of us have had to go into adulthood and manage our lives. Whatever our experiences in Shirley Oaks it is likely that our time there has shaped our lives in some way.


On this site you can find reading material, pictures and videos of Shirley Oaks. We also plan to have a section where the children of Shirley can share their own story, in their own way, but only if they want to. We will also build a section where you can try to contact those whom you knew in Shirley.


Lastly, many have asked if there will be any more Shirley Oaks reunions. This may be possible sometime in the future but we would need to be sure that there really is enough people who would attend to make it worthwhile. You will soon be able to indicate that you would like to attend.


Thank you for your interest………                                                        Ian Robertson


This site is dedicated to all lived in Shirley Oaks and to those staff who gave up some of their own privacy and family time to live there and look after us.

The “Hospital” in Shirley Oaks —  January 2007

Name plates found on the surviving buildings

The “Lodge” Shirley Oaks —  January 2007